Diminished Value
With over 10 years of nationwide auto appraisal services experience, our diminished value experts help you make the right decision and get the rightful claim of your loss.

Diminshed Value Claim Testimonials

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    Honda Owner Recieved $2,800
  • post-img02-58x56
    Mercedes Owner Recieved $2,900
  • post-img03-58x56
    Ford Owner Recieved $5,300
  • post-img04-58x56
    Chrysler Owner Recieved $5,600
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    Example $35,000 Car
    Repairs $10,000
    New Cost After Repairs $26,000
    Devaluation $9,000

    Ask Yourself, Will Insurance Comapnies Tell You This? Or Pay You Without a Fight.

Are you eligible for a Claim ?

Qualifications Checklist

Is your cars diminished value claim possible? Discover if so, by answering these 4 easy questions?

1)Was the accident your fault? If not then you qualify or if the at-fault driver’s didn't have insurance then your uninsured motorist insurance would cover it?

If you live in Georgia, Kansas, and North Carolina you can claim diminished value against your own policy even if you were at fault?

2) Was the cars value over $4,999? YES.

3) Were the repair over $1,000? YES.

4)Did the accident happen within the last 6 years? YES

The majority of states allow 1-6 years. Look at the Faq Page to see your states rules.

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What is Diminished Value? The variation in price from a vehicle that has been in an accident and the same car with no automobile crash background. Diminished value means that even after the vehicle has been correctly repaired, it will not be restored to the before accident condition because of the preconception the automobile will be “damaged goods”. Nobody will pay full price for a vehicle that was in an incident when you can find the identical vehicle that has not been in an accident?