Diminished Value
With over 10 years of nationwide auto appraisal services experience, our diminished value experts help you make the right decision and get the rightful claim of your loss.

Diminshed Value Claim Testimonials

  • post-img01-58x56
    Honda Owner Recieved $2,800
  • post-img02-58x56
    Mercedes Owner Recieved $2,900
  • post-img03-58x56
    Ford Owner Recieved $5,300
  • post-img04-58x56
    Chrysler Owner Recieved $5,600
  • post-img05-307x176

    Example $35,000 Car
    Repairs $10,000
    New Cost After Repairs $26,000
    Devaluation $9,000

    Ask Yourself, Will Insurance Comapnies Tell You This? Or Pay You Without a Fight.

Are you eligible for a Claim ?

Diminished Value - Qualifications Checklist

Is your cars diminished value claim possible? Discover if so, by answering these 4 easy questions?

1)Was the accident your fault? If not then you qualify or if the at-fault driver’s didn't have insurance then your uninsured motorist insurance would cover it?

If you live in Georgia, Kansas, and North Carolina you can claim diminished value against your own policy even if you were at fault?

2) Was the cars value over $4,999? YES.

3) Were the repair over $1,000? YES.

4)Did the accident happen within the last 6 years? YES

The majority of states allow 1-6 years. Look at the Faq Page to see your states rules.

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What is Diminished Value?

The variation in price from a vehicle that has been in an accident and the same car with no automobile crash background. Diminished value means that even after the vehicle has been correctly repaired, it will not be restored to the before accident condition because of the preconception the automobile will be “damaged goods”. Nobody will pay full price for a vehicle that was in an incident when you can find the identical vehicle that has not been in an accident?

Inherent diminished car value?

The inherent diminished car value believes that the finest quality of vehicle repair has been obtained. Diminished value pertains to the real amount of your car’s sale value after repair. The main reason why your car obtains a diminished value is because of its damage history. In spite of how important the damage history of your car is, still, it will have a low resale value.

The most typical form for the diminished value of vehicle that is broadly recognized and accepted is the inherent diminished value. Additionally, it is being utilized as the regular basis wherein any supplemental form of Diminished Value will be added. The most common supplemental form of Diminished Value is the Repair Related Diminished Value.

How to Identify if you Have Diminished Value?

Determining if you indeed have a diminished value is simple. This can be easily identified if your car has important damage history. However, it does not qualify if your important damage history has happened prior to the present history.

Can Diminished Value be Collected in Every State?

Yes, diminished value can be collected from the insurance company of the at-fault party. Wherever the at-fault party resides or his insurance company situates, still, you can collect diminished value in all states expect Michigan.

Is it still Possible to Claim DV if the At-Fault Party has no Insurance Company?

Definitely yes. You can still claim DV, but under the Uninsured Motorist Coverage of your own personal policy. This policy, however, is only applicable in some states which include:

Arkansas - Alaska - California - Georgia - Delaware - Hawaii - District of Columbia -Indiana - Louisiana - Illinois - Mississippi - Maryland - New Mexico - New Jersey - Ohio- North Carolina - South Carolina - Rhode Island - Oregon - Texas - Tennessee - Utah - Virginia - Vermont - West Virginia - Washington

Can You Still Claim DV if you are At- Fault From the Coverage of Your own Personal Policy?

Yes, you can still claim diminished value. However, this only applies to residents of Georgia, North Carolina and Kansas. Actually, if you are a Kansas resident and you want to claim DV, there may be policy limitations subjected to your claim. If you are a resident of Washington, you still may claim DV only if it gained a favorable decision from the Supreme Court.

What is the Role of an Appraiser and Why is Necessary to Hire Him?

The insurance company of the at-fault party may settle at a very low amount if you do not have a bona fide appraisal report. An appraisal report that is bona fide supplies as validation proof of your claim and can aid you to collect the right claim you deserve. To help you make an effective and bona fide appraisal report, an appraiser is a good consideration to hire. He can help you claim the DV of your car regardless of how serious the damage of your car is.

Vehicular accidents can cause instant inherent loss for the resale value of your car. As the law suggests, the at-fault party is responsible for the loss compensation. In simple words, diminution of value or diminished value exists if your car has been wrecked or damaged in a road accident. Your car then will be repaired or restored back in its worthy condition while on the road. Your insurance company may consent to pay the car claims for repair, permitting you to acquire back your vehicle, but with a resale value that is low.

In most states, if the car obtained 25 % or more damage, the law requisites to disclose the damage by assessing the title field of the car. This obviously decreases the resale value of the car and knowledgeable buyers of your car will not pay for similar amount of your car as its undamaged state.

Diminished Value Claim Calculator

A diminished value calculator is said to give you at least a slightly precise estimate of what you may be able to claim if you win a settlement. However, one question that remains unanswered is if these estimates will give a maximum or much lower and more pleasant for your insurance company?

Even though websites which provide estimates for DV is not controlled by insurance company, still, it is more likely that you will get an imprecise figure derived from the formula based on the Kelley Blue Book accustomed for uneven estimated damages. This estimate is not favorable to you but for the insurance company. The trick in here is to have an expert in DV finds the sweet spot which does not crawl into the realm of impractical expectations. If you are gunning for too much, you will either interrupt your settlement or not get it at all.

We will assess the damage and expenses needed for the vehicle repair. We will identify the right DV figure that will be presented to you and your insurance company. However, this can happen only after consideration of additional details. These other details include answers to the questions such as:

What is the market value of vehicles in your area? What are the in demand and not in demand cars today?

After considering such details, we will present this market data in order to support your argument and case as to why you deserve the amount we have come up with. Do not be fooled by automated formulas which either gives too low or too high estimates, with no supporting report necessary to claim a just DV. Your insurance adjuster would like you to generate the methodology which was utilized in identifying the figure you are searching.

The difference between what you see in a DV calculator and a settlement of DV claim won by us can be in the amount of dollars. That is why you must be certain of doing the right thing.

Diminished Value Formula

When the Supreme Court of Georgia affirmed the Right of the Policyholder to recover DV in the Mabry versus State Farm Insurance case, this court advised the State farm to create a methodology in which DV can be measured. State Farm hence came back their Formula “17c”. The court provided limited consent for the utilization of the formula to be practiced “in the absence of verifiable and good documentation” Formula 17c was the geneses of the concept for DV Formula.

Since then, Formula “17c” was embraced by insurance companies and has it morphed into a device to hold back their payouts on DV claims. Today, there are pretenders of Consumer Advocate who utilize the formula for their own benefit.

Some “pretenders” of discounted DV charge very small for their excessively Inflated Formula Based Appraisals which are discarded by courts and insurance companies. Those “Instant” Formula Based Appraisals are futile and they are aware of it. The fact that every futile report costs less than $100.00 permits them to prevent prosecution for fraud.