Diminished Value

Diminished Value Claim

Diminished Value, What is it?

Diminished Value sometimes called (DV), Depreciation, diminution in value is when a car goes down in market price because of an accident. No matter how well the car is repaired a car always looses value. Because of this loss of value no matter who or where you sell the car to, it will have the car accident in the record of the car.

Diminished Value is the difference between the price the car was before the accident and how much it was worth after the accident.

The Majority of Insurance companies will tell you they don’t owe you anything and that it does not exist but they are lieing. There is court case after court case to prove it.

The biggest problem is how to collect the money your owed, that is where we step in.. We will make them pay. Our diminished value claim experts file the Diminished Value Claim for you.

Over 80% of people wouldn’t purchase a car that has been in a car accident unless the car was way below normal cost.

In 1994 a study was completed by the State of Florida and determined that “uncompensated losses” due to “decreased value” were twenty billion dollars in the US.