Bully Beat Down? Diminished Value

Bully Beat Down?

So That Was Then & This IS Now.

It was the fall of 2009, I will always remember, I was living in Athens Ga. I had a 2001 Cadillac STS with only 77k miles on it and I babied my car. I was in an accident that could have caused great harm to those I love who just so happened to be in my presence as passengers in my vehicle as I was just laughing and talking when I should have been paying a lot more attention to those around me. Mom was telling my sister and me a hilarious story about my father as we just left lunch and was heading home. We told a few jokes along the way but it was good time spent with important people as we reminisce about dad who is no longer with us. Then as a sprinkle of rain turned into a fast and furious shower in a matter of a minute, it was only then I thought I was going too fast, I never even saw the car on the right beside me till it was too late. I pulled to the left a bit too fast out of shock and panic. I then put my precious car into a spin that I could not come out of resulting in a 4 car pileup that I caused from being into the thick of the moment. I was scared as we all came to a stop unaware of the damage and since the airbags did not deploy I was unaware of the damage to the body of my vehicle. Now, due to hitting the guardrail as I spun out of control I took a big long swipe from one end of the car to the other and this was on both sides from spinning. Luckily, mom and sis were just fine! However my STS was not, and with my ego bruised and my car damaged and still a bit jittery, I stopped and slowly emerged from my car. I though wow, this isn’t too bad, I mean we are all alive and the interior is completely in tack, there is no engine damage, just some body damage and no loss of life!

So, when I called my agent he was quick, the entire accident and repair wheels of motion started rolling, and roll it did, right over top of me. My car had a value prior to the accident of $6500, the body repair was done at just under $2000.00 and she looked brand new. I mean there was never any engine damage, the frame was still intact and the interior was in perfect shape, so why is my car now only worth $4100 even with low miles for this year? The answer is ‘Diminished Value” and it is more common than I ever knew. It is a practice that is a proven “Bully Beat Down” performed by the insurance companies and it is WRONG! So after I found a company to help me, I stood up to the bad boys of the Insurance world and I fought and received my “Fair Share” of my vehicles value and worth. I was shown how to receive $50.00 per claim signed for anyone I knew who had the same unfortunate experience; in fact I knew several people and they did too, and so on. There are countless numbers of people that have been placed on “Bully Beat Down” simply from being involved in an auto accident and losing the value on their vehicles. So, let’s round up those who we know both far & near and get compensated in the meantime. Here are some questions to inquire of those you may know who have experienced “Bully Beat Down”

Have you had an accident in the past 4 years?

Did your vehicles value exceed $5 grand?

Were you at Fault?

Was the cost to repair your vehicle over $1000.00?


So if you have answered “YES” to these simple questions, than you qualify for “Bully Beat down Bucks” In fact bring us all the claims you wish and we will compensate you $50.00 cash, check or money order, we pay every 2 weeks and can even direct deposit you money. So, if you bring us 10 claims here is the simple math, 10 claims x $50.00 = $500.00 every claim signed is $50.00 dollars in cold, hard American cash. We will provide you with all the tools needed to start your Bully Beat down Recovery Pack! Now, you have a job and the sky is the limit. Some Affiliates have enjoyed over 2 grand from joining us, risk free and commitment free, You now have a “GO” on operation Bully beat Down Recovery” Got it? GOOD, Now Go Get Em and become the Fifty Buck Cowboy and help those who want to recover their Bully Beat down Bucks! Find the folks through your friends, family, coworkers and even on your Facebook page, just have them message you and get compensated. Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you NEVER take! Take the shot, get the income supplement you need and all the while, doing the right thing!